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                                                                                   USMC SEMPER FI... 1952-1955  Sgt.                                                                     -  

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  A Red Skelton Version, good site!       

Our deepest sympathy to all the victims, survivors and Families of this American Tragedy       

 This takes about 5 min. to download 1st time, after that it loads immediately if you open it from your desktop thereafter or where ever it's stored.  If you keep opening it from here it will download each time.   It's worth the wait, but be sure you have plenty of tissue on hand.


America has suffered another TRAGEDY on February 1, 2003 we lost 7 Astronauts on the space craft shuttle COLUMBIA in the early morning upon re-entry to earth. Our deepest sympathies to the Families and to NASA for their loss, I know we as the public will mourn right along with them.  This is a very sad and tragic loss to America and the World.  You can visit the sites to read about more of the Shuttle tragedy on links above. 
IN MEMORY OF: Commander Rick D. Husband, Mission Specialist KalpanaChawla and Pilot William C. McCool.  Mission Specialists David M. Brown, Laurel B. Clark and Michael P. Anderson, and Payload Specialist Ilan Ramon.


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 I like that P.O.R.!  The rusty look is gone, everything including drive train & framework is now "Painted" gray with P.O.R.       


This Air Bag System was NOT designed to affect the RIDE of the torsalastic suspension in any way, but as a back up in case of torsion failure and, also as a leveling device when parked.  The air bags are capable of up to 90 psi air pressure, but when traveling I would suggest air pressure of 5-10 PSI ...just enough to keep the air bags into their proper shape.

This system can be installed at any time by just removing the wheels.

If you would like to put Jake brakes on your 8V-71, I have an easy solution to raise the intake air horn to clear the tall valve covers. I highly recommend Jake brakes with any large vehicle, with manual transmission.                    



QUESTION:  Has anyone installed/used this airbag system?  I haven't had any feedback from anyone.                                           





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Hello I'm still locked up! "Bird-bird" crows like a rooster!  Whistles the marine corp. hymn, and invents his own songs.  
http://koti.mbnet.fi/~soldier/towboat.htm    DON'T try this at HOME!
Fascinating Story about a  U-BOAT!  On  how a German Officer defied orders to save survivors... This was a fascinating story to me because it's beyond belief,  U-Boat Commanders were not known for picking up survivors and put their sub-marine at risk... (I was in England all through WWII)


jaramac.jpg (121726 bytes) Jaramac XVII --In the early 70's I was Skipper on this tug in Nigeria, W. Africa, she was a first class vessel built in Japan & registered in Panama, 21 crew members.  Our job was in the offshore oil industry.  She had no rudders!  The tug had steering Cort nozzles with variable pitch propellers, we changed lube oil once a year! Fifty barrels at a time!  Dry sump M.A.N. Engines and utilized a centrifuge to keep the oil clean, she did 17 knots "running light" (no tow behind us). 
 Picture of my bus... 
 We bred & raised champion Clydesdales,  can you believe that!  
Image1.jpg (37601 bytes) Ginger, Queen & myself in the early 1970's
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We lost Nik Nik Today January 10th, 2003 he had a great life. He'll be sorely missed  :-(.. 

Nik Nik Turner certified Bus Mutt, he's on his way to the D O L to get his C D L  he  had stepped on the DD3 brake button while we were in a restaurant and as result had his first driving test in Oregon. I had to jump in the rolling bus and slapped my hand on the foot brake just as it rear ended a car and almost shoved everything into the front of the restaurant.





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